Vocational Skills Activities

Vocational skills are taught to a wide range of students.

Simply put, a vocation is another word for a job. It is never too early to start acquiring the skills you need for your chosen profession. If your career goal is to be a doctor, enroll in a math- and science-based curriculum as early as ninth grade. For high school and higher education students who are in pursuit of vocational education, different activities work toward preparing for specific careers.

1 Prevocation Activities

In order to land the job you seek to acquire, certain prevocational activities must first be in place. In the modern job market, completing an on-site application is oftentimes an antiquated practice. Many employers require the completion of an online application and resume. One activity is having vocational students complete a professional resume. In addition to the typing and writing skills that are used in preparing resumes, different typing and Internet activities prepare vocational students when the time comes to complete online applications.

2 Basic Vocational Skills Activities

Basic vocational skills start with public speaking activities that help students in every step of the employment process, from the interview to building relationships with your co-workers. In addition to Standard American English speaking activities -- such as presenting speeches -- to enhance your workplace communication abilities, other basic skills may be needed. Activities that help sharpen basic math and reading skills are helpful. These include worksheets that focus on adding, subtracting, counting money and reading comprehension.

3 Nursing Vocation Activities

In the medical professional branch of nursing, vocational skills are taught on different levels. Prior to becoming a nurse, vocational classes also prepare you for nurse assistant work. As a certified nurse aid, skills activities include CPR, bed changing and basic patient care like bathing and feeding. Licensed vocational nurses (LVNs), also known as licensed practical nurses (LPNs), have a more advanced set of skills and so are the related vocational activities. Since nurses give shots, one activity is having nursing students practice giving injections to fruit.

4 Construction Career Skills Activities

Another vocation that students can pursue as early as a high school is construction. Activities for prospective construction workers include having them properly take measurements with a variety of tools, such as rulers, yardsticks and measuring tapes. Basic construction skills also include using levelers, knowing how to properly hammer nails and practicing safe workplace behaviors. Mastering these skills takes practice in leveling, hammering and safety tasks.

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