If you hold a Utah or a Florida concealed weapon carry permit for firearms there are 31 states that recognize your right to carry a concealed firearm with the permit.

Having a concealed weapon carry permit can be a valuable resource if you are a multi state traveler and law abiding person. The permit from Utah and Florida are recognized by multiple states. Nevada was just added to the list for Utah permit holders. If you are in a career as a body guard, private investigator, or just feel the need to be trained and have protection I will outline what you must do.

To get a concealed firearm permit from Utah you do not need to be a Utah resident. You do need to be at least 21 years old. You cannot have a felony conviction on your record. You can not have been convicted of any crime of violence. You must not have been convicted of any offense involving the use of alcohol or unlawful use of narcotics or controlled substances. No convictions involving any domestic violence. Also you can never been adjudicated in U.S. courts as mentally incompetent, unless that was reversed or withdrawn. You can not have been convicted of any offense that involves moral turpitude.

You will need a copy of a valid drivers license. A passport quality photograph of you for the new permit. A fingerprint card taken by a trained fingerprint technician that is legible and completely filled out. Finally you need a weapons familiarity Certification from an approved instructor. The instructor does not need to be a Utah resident but must be approved by Utah for th course and fill out part of the application required showing you completed training.

With that in place you must get the proper application form (available online or from an instructor) to the Bureau of Criminal Identification in Salt lake City Utah. Phone for them is (801) 965-4445 There will be fees for an FBI background check and for the instruction course. Everything together is a few hundred dollars. The course is usually the biggest expense.

These states honor the Utah permits.
* Alabama * Alaska * Arizona * Arkansas * Colorado * Delaware * Florida * Georgia * Idaho * Indiana * Kentucky * Louisiana * Michigan * Minnesota * Mississippi * Missouri * Montana * Nevada (this may be reversed with new legislation) * New Hampshire * New Mexico * North Carolina * North Dakota * Ohio * Oklahoma * Pennsylvania * South Dakota * Tennessee * Texas * Utah * Vermont * Virginia * Washington * West Virginia * Wyoming


  • It is a crime to apply for a permit if you have convictions that disqualify you. Don't try to obtain a permit with criminal convictions.