Does Snapchat Notify People When They Are Blocked?

A blocked Snapchat friend may think you deleted your account.
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Snapchat is a social networking program that connects users through shared photos and videos. Messages you send to friends on Snapchat are erased within 24 hours, although most last only a few seconds. When you block friends from Snapchat, their names remain on your friends list but your name is removed from theirs. They can't message you, but Snapchat doesn't notify them that they have been blocked.

1 Blocking or Deleting Friends

When you select a contact from your friend list, a pop-up menu prompts you to edit, delete or block the contact. If you select “Block,” the contact can no longer see your name in his friend list or search results, as if you had deleted your account. His name, marked by a red Blocked symbol, stays in your friend list with the same ranking as before, but his position goes down as you begin to message other contacts more frequently. Deleting a friend removes him from your list.

2 Friends Who Added You

You can unblock a friend at any time by selecting his name and tapping “Unblock.” Your name appears on his Friends Who Added You list, and it is up to him to accept your request. Deleted friends must be manually added to your friend list, which notifies them of a friend request. Since a blocked friend perceives your account as deleted, he may realize that you blocked him if he finds out that your account is still active. Unblocking him will certainly notify him that he was previously blocked because your name will become visible to him again.

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