How to Get a Tree House on "Ticket to Read"

A parent or teacher must sign up children for a
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Reading can feel like a chore to schoolchildren, but Voyager Sorpris Learning has developed an online program that turns reading achievement into a game: Ticket to Read. Elementary school readers gain phonetic skills taught by animated characters. As they advance through reading comprehension levels, young learners earn tickets they can “spend” online to furnish a virtual clubhouse or toy store. The clubhouse is a kid-friendly tree house that serves as the portal for your Ticket to Read activities; to get one, simply sign up for the program.

1 A Clubhouse for Reading

Students must have an adult sign them up for the program. At the time of publication, you can buy a year-long license for a single student for $20 or a school-year license for an entire class, up to 25 students, for $400. The site offers a variety of other pricing options, including summer-only memberships and whole-school licenses. If you aren't sure whether you want to buy membership, try Ticket to Read for free for 14 days. When you register a student, singly or as part of a class, she receives a tree house automatically. She can access Ticket to Read using the Internet to earn tickets to decorate the tree house.

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