How to Get Through a Boring Day in School

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How to Get Through a Boring Day in School. Boredom in class is a typical complaint. To lots of students, a school day can feel like a marathon as they shuffle from class to class. Too many are subjected to long lectures that lack relevance or are not reaching them on a personal level. If your classrooms don't allow for any communication between students, the pressure of filling 45 minutes can be particularly oppressive. Here are some tips to help while away the hours without running afoul of any angry teachers.

1 Do some artwork

Do some artwork. One thing lecture classes allow you to do is to draw creatively while being fully attentive. You can keep yourself occupied by doodling in notebooks while an instructor drones on and on.

2 Make a to do list

Make a to do list. Use your "boring" class time to think about your goals for the day and how you will accomplish them. You will find that you can take notes on lectures while doing some internal reflection at the same time. Plan your goals in class to keep yourself motivated and mentally active.

3 Try some puzzles

Try some puzzles. Keep a Sudoku sheet handy and discretely work on puzzles while listening to lectures. Handheld games and other blatant activities are not a good idea since they tend to intrude on the classroom environment, but anything on paper should be ok.

4 Get out and about during breaks

Get out and about during breaks. If you're feeling listless, don't compound the problem by sitting in your seat during breaks. Go out and stretch or walk around the building. You'll feel fresher and more motivated when the next round of boredom begins.

5 Participate

Participate. One reason students claim they are bored is because they are not following what is happening around them. Take pride in asking questions and make your classes more interactive. To an extent, an instructor more or less has to allow for questions and student input, and you'll find it gives you an outlet and helps time pass.

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