Supplies to Make Cemetery Flowers

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Cemeteries are tranquil places that give mourners a place to visit passed-on loved ones. Many people decorate headstones with flowers to pay respect to the deceased. Cemetery flowers are different than regular flowers--they need to be durable and protected from wind and weather. There are several tools that can help make the graveside flower arrangement attractive and efficient.

1 Flowers

Flowers that decorate a headstone or grave need to last, and regular, live flowers typically die quickly. If you are adamant about live flowers, consider using a flowering bush arrangement, such as chrysanthemums. There are many beautiful, life-like silk flowers available that can be found at local craft supply stores. These types of flowers can be easily arranged and manipulated to fit an exact design.

2 Headstone Saddle

In southern states, headstone saddles are quite common. They are made of wire, curve-shaped, and fit on top of the headstone. Silk flower stems are wrapped around the wiring to create the ideal design. They are able to stay in place for a long period of time because they do not interfere with the grass around the tombstone. Once you have one, you can change out the flowers to fit the seasons and occasions.

3 Foam Bases

Foam bases can easily fit into all shapes and sizes of vases and urns. The foam is cut to fit the base, and the flower stems are simply placed into the foam. Both live and silk flowers can be used with this type of material. Some people use florist foam a wet foam, to keep real flowers alive for longer periods of time.

4 Wire

Typically used by florists who specialize in funeral flowers, wire is used to shape the arrangement. It can ensure that flowers stay in place, giving the arranger more options for height and depth in the arrangement. To use this supply, just wrap a thin piece of wire several times around the stem of the live or silk flower and place the wire into the foam base.

5 Wreath Easel

Many people elect for a wreath flower arrangement at their loved ones’ headstones. Wreaths can be made of silk or live flowers, and often carry a banner message on them. To properly display a cemetery wreath, you need an easel. The easel should be held in place with rocks or stones around the base to ensure it doesn’t fall over in high winds. Easels can be used to display crosses, as well.

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