National Cemetery Flower Rules

National cemeteries take pride in maintaining a well-landscaped, clutter-free tribute to our nation’s fallen heroes. Rules and regulations regarding the placement of flowers on grave sites help the cemetery staff to maintain these high standards.

1 Burial Flowers

According to National Cemetery Florist, a company that handles national cemetery floral arrangements exclusively, any flowers that accompany a casket to the burial site remain at the graveside until the flowers die or become unsightly.

2 Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers can be placed at a national cemetery at any time of the year.

3 Artificial Flowers

Each national cemetery has individual rules regarding the placement of artificial flowers. They are allowed within certain time periods that vary by cemetery.

4 Christmas

Holiday arrangements are permitted at national cemeteries between Dec. 10 and Jan. 10, but cannot be attached directly to a marker or gravestone.

5 Prohibited Items

The Department of Veterans Affairs prohibits anything offensive or disrespectful from being placed at a grave site. Statues, candles, breakable items and permanent plantings are also not allowed.

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