Plastic pallets have good resale value and last a long time.

Pallets are flat, crate-like structures that are used in transporting goods. Their large width and numerous slats make them convenient for fork lifts to lift from shelves onto trucks. Because the plastic forms have a relatively long lifespan, many business that receive pallets as well as recycling companies have an interest in finding ways to reuse pallets or dispose of them in an environmentally friendly way

Do not leave plastic pallets unattended and in unprotected areas. Because of the high resale value--to recycling companies as well as other delivery companies--they are often the target of thieves wishing to cash in.

Contact the sender (or courier who delivered the goods with the pallets) and see if they have any interest in picking them up. Since they are highly reusable and sturdy, many delivery services are willing to pick up the pallets free of charge.

Look for the number inside the triangular arrows that is printed somewhere on the pallet. This is the code for the quality of plastic used in production.

Contact a local plastic recycling company and mention the recycling code on the pallet. If they accept items of that number, schedule a pickup for the pallets. They are highly desired amongst plastic recycling plants and many will be willing to send a truck and pick them up free of charge.