Student Council Officer Duties

Student councils handle fundraising activities.

A student council consists of members that are elected by students in each grade level. The overall goal of the student council is to represent each grade and the students as a whole and provide leadership for the student body. Student councils are usually found in high schools and universities, and may also exist in middle schools or the upper levels of elementary schools.

1 Serve as a positive example

One of the most important duties of a student council member is to serve as an example for members of the student body. Members are usually required to be in good standing in their classes and they must strive to avoid behavioral issues during and after school. Generally, they are expected to be helpful, courteous, and positive during school hours.

2 Provide an open forum

A major duty of student council members is to provide a forum where other students can raise problems and questions about the school and its operations, and act as a liaison between the student body and faculty or administration. If a student raises an issue with the student council, members are responsible for discussing the issue, making a recommendation, and bringing the problem and potential solutions to the school staff.

3 Organize events

The student council is often responsible for organizing events that promote school spirit and leadership, such as pep rallies, parents' evenings, or school carnivals. They must choose a date, find a location, and secure funding from the school's accounts. For the event, they must recruit volunteers, set up the area, and run the event, ensuring that everything goes as planned and dealing with problems as they crop up.

4 Service

To provide leadership for other students, members of a student council often participate in service projects. They might volunteer at a local community clean-up, sponsor school beautification efforts, or organize a food drive at school to benefit a local homeless shelter. It is up to council members to identify the area where they can be of the most help and to form a plan to serve other members of the community.

5 Fundraising

Many student councils have the responsibility of raising funds for school activities. During meetings, council members will brainstorm ideas for different fundraisers, which often include bake sales, dances, or the sale of school apparel. Individual members may be assigned to committees, including promotions, setup, cleanup, operations, or financial, in order to complete the fundraising activities.

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