What Are the Duties of a Sergeant at Arms?

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Within many organizations, the sergeant at arms plays a vital role as to how a particular organization is prepared for various meetings and activities, with their primary responsibility being to maintain order within an organization at all times.

1 Meetings

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In any organization, the sergeant at arms will ensure all bylaws and traditions are respected by everyone. During these meetings, it is the responsibility of this person to make certain parliamentary procedures are followed, and to call to order as well as adjourn all meetings.

2 Provide Support to the President

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The sergeant at arms will always support the president by making sure he has all materials needed before the meeting. This means any outside materials or any additional support that will be needed by the organization will fall upon the sergeant at arms.

3 Welcome Members and Guests

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The sergeant at arms is the largest supporter of any organization where he will always provide motivation and enthusiasm to members and new guests. This means he shows up to various functions early and is there to greet everyone who comes to any event.

4 Enforce the Rules

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It is the sergeant at arms' responsibility to enforce the rules. This means any infractions or violations of the organization's policies must be reported to the conduct committee for further action.

5 Must Carry out Orders from President

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Within any organization, there must be loyalty and discipline. The sergeant at arms is there to instill this loyalty and discipline by carrying out any requests or orders made by the president of an organization.

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