Positions & Duties in Student Council

With student council, students can learn about the political process.

To help students learn how to handle leadership roles and give them influence over policies, schools often allow students to create a council. Students can hold various positions, giving them experience handling responsibilities and working with others. In addition to their duties, most students also have voting powers.

1 Advisers

The only positions held by faculty in the student council are as advisers. These advisers help ease students into their roles on the council. Also, the advisers help ensure that the students do not move beyond their authority. As much as possible, the advisers give power to the council members so that they get a sense that their council is effective.

2 President

Councils usually have a president who is elected by students in the school. Students can learn about how elections work by running their own. Students must promote themselves, communicating the benefits that other students will get from the presidential candidate. Once elected, the student president runs the council. The student president can call for meetings. To set a good example, presidents often must maintain high grades.

3 Vice President

The vice president of the council is chosen by the president and has authority when the president is not available. The vice president also handles issues related to public relations and fulfills duties when asked by the president. The vice president is often responsible for directing committees. The vice president must maintain high grades, like the president.

4 Secretary

The student secretary keeps track of information in the council. The secretary must keep accurate minutes, allowing the council to have a record of student decisions. The secretary updates the class list. The secretary also reports information taken from the treasury and handles correspondence.

5 Treasurer

The treasurer manages all financial aspects of the council, including the deposits and expenditures of the student council. The treasurer often presents information during any business meetings held by the class. When the council or school needs more funding, the treasurer is often put in charge of fundraising.

6 Committee

School committee representatives are responsible for reporting information collected about particular aspects of the school. These representatives can present ideas to the council and provide their opinions, allowing the council to have a more well-rounded perspective.

7 Historian

Councils sometimes have historians responsible for keeping track of information related to the student council, such as newspaper clippings. The historian is responsible for contacting the local media regarding major events related to the council.

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