How to Know What Spotify Puts on Facebook

The Spotify software is available on computers and mobile devices.
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Spotify accounts allow you to link your music listening habits to Facebook and show your friends what you've been listening to recently. The Facebook activity log is the easiest way to check what Spotify updates are available on your profile. Facebook also has an "Apps" setting that shows you what content the Spotify app accesses. You can stop Spotify from sharing any information if you like, or temporarily put Spotify into a Private Session during which it won't send information to Facebook.

1 Facebook Activity Log

Go to your Facebook profile and click the "Activity Log" button by your cover photo. This page also has a static URL of "" Scroll down on the page to see any recent activity from Spotify; each post shows up as an individual item. To see all activity from Spotify, open "Apps" on the sidebar and select "Spotify." Beside each item is an icon that displays the item's privacy settings. The Edit icon allows you to change the settings so that Spotify updates do not show up on your Timeline.

2 App Information

Click the gear icon on Facebook and select "Account Settings." On the sidebar, click the link for "Apps." Scroll through the apps linked to your Facebook account until you see "Spotify." Click it to see the information that Spotify uses and shares. The section "Last Data Access" shows the date the app was last accessed; click "See Details" to see exactly what information the app used. From this location you can change who sees your Spotify updates, and disable the option "Post on your behalf" by clicking the "x" beside the option.

3 Spotify Settings

If you want to maintain your Facebook connection but stop Facebook from updating every time you listen to a song, that option is available from your Spotify settings. Open up your preferences in Spotify and look in the Activity Sharing section. Disable the option "Show what I listen to on Facebook." This method allows users to log in with their Facebook account but not constantly share information.

4 Private Session

Spotify offers a "Private Session" option for users who want to maintain their Facebook connection most of the time but want, as the name says, an occasional private session. Set this by clicking your user icon in the upper left corner of the Spotify browser and selecting "Private Session." This stops any updates from going to Facebook or your Spotify profile while you listen to music.

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