Should I Say Something If My Boyfriend Forgot That Today Is Our One-Year Anniversary?

Speak up if your boyfriend forgot your anniversary.
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Your one-year anniversary is special, so if your boyfriend forgot, it's still worth it to remind him. By broaching the topic, you may not only set a standard for your relationship but also find out why he forgot. Bringing your anniversary to your boyfriend's attention reduces the chance of you feeling resentful, so take the risk and say something.

1 No Anniversary Left Behind

Letting your boyfriend know he forgot your one-year anniversary tells him that the day is special to you and worth remembering. If he knows the day is important to you, he will work to remember it in the future. You end up setting a standard concerning your anniversary: you want it remembered and celebrated. You also leave room to celebrate the barely bygone anniversary, even if your man needs to apologize beforehand.

2 Didn't Catch the Hint

When you tell your boyfriend that he forgot your anniversary, you will likely learn his reason. He may have been busy and stressed during his week, or he may not be good with dates. Many men have trouble remembering important dates without reminders. His forgetfulness is just that, rather than an indication that he doesn't love you.

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