How to Shape Eyebrows to Make Eyes Look Bigger

Eyebrow shape can alter the entire look of the face.
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Fierce facial beauty is all about geometry -- the shape of the face, its features and their relative distances from one another determine, for better or worse, your overall look for life. But when it comes to eyes, you don't have to settle for what your momma gave you -- fool around with your face's formula by altering your eyebrows. Play up a perception change by grooming, and your eyes can look as big and wide set as you wish.

Microwave a washcloth for 30 seconds to warm it, then pat it against your brows to relax the pores.

Place an orange stick vertically against the side of your nose at its inner corner. Mark the eyebrow at this point with a white eye pencil.

Stretch the skin around the white marking and pluck all hairs beyond it with tweezers.

Swing the top of the orange stick toward the outer corner of the eye. Mark the eyebrow at this point with the pencil, and pluck all hairs beyond the marking.

Place the orange stick vertically at the outside edge of the iris. Mark the top of the eyebrow with the pencil to note the ideal high point for the arch.

Measure the distance between the upper lash line and the lower lash line with your fingers. Move your fingers upward, transferring the measurement between the upper lash line and the eyebrow. Make a pencil mark at the top finger to note the ideal underside height of the eyebrow.

Pluck the hairs below the lower brow marking, keeping the high arch point in mind. The brow should be thickest between the arch point and the inner corner of the eye, and become gradually thinner between the arch point and the outer corner of the eye.

Pluck a few more hairs from the inner corner to widen narrow-set eyes, which can increase how large they look.

Remove pencil markings with makeup remover, and pat on eye lotion to soothe the skin.

  • Never pluck from the top of the brows, as this can leave gaps and make the brow shape look harsh.
  • Thick brows diminish features, making small eyes look even smaller.

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