How to Round Your Eyebrows

A gentle rounded shape creates the perfect eyebrow anchor for your face.
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Messy eyebrows spell beauty-regimen doom no matter how perfect your eye makeup is. Eyebrows anchor the face and create a strong frame for your eyes, cheekbones and your natural face shape. They also create a more flawless overall finish when they're groomed properly and help give your eyes that extra pop. A curved, slightly rounded eyebrow produces the smooth arc shape that has remained an evergreen staple of beauty regimens for decades. Take that extra time each week to keep your eyebrows groomed and see the rewards multiply.

Brush out your eyebrows with a small eyebrow brush. Work from the bridge of your nose out toward your temples to get a feel for your natural brow shape.

Select a matte eyeshadow for filling in your brows in the correct shade. If you have black or dark hair, purchase a shadow that is one to two shades lighter than your hair color. If you are fair-haired, purchase a color that is one to two shades darker.

Hold onto the end of your angle brush and place the handle of the brush parallel to the side of the bridge of your nose. Where the brush intersects with your eyebrow is where your eyebrow shape should start.

Dip your angle brush into the matte shadow and make a tiny mark where your brow should begin and repeat this process on the other brow.

Place the end of the angle brush at the outside edge of your nostril at an angle. Look straight ahead and line up the angle brush with the outside edge of your iris. Where the brush intersects with your eyebrow is where the top of the rounded shape of the eyebrow should be.

Mark the spot with a bit of shadow and repeat this measuring process on the other side.

Hold the handle of your angle brush along the outside half of your bottom lash line at an angle. Where the brush intersects with the outer edge of your eyebrow is where your brow shape should end. Make a mark with your shadow and repeat this measuring process on the other side.

Draw the bottom edge of your eyebrow using a brow pencil. Connect the measured dots at the beginning, middle and outside edge of the brow to create a soft, rounded shape along the bottom edge of the eyebrow. It should sit just above any stray hairs to create a soft, clean line. Take your time drawing this bottom line since it will define the shape of the brow.

Dip your angle brush into the matte shadow and use tiny dash strokes to fill in the new shape of your eyebrows and to mimic the look of hairs. Work slowly and follow the markings you made for the rounded eyebrow shape. The brows should taper gently toward the outer ends.

Pluck away hairs that fall outside of the filled-in area of your brows. Close the tweezers around the base of the hair and pull out firmly and quickly. Always work from the base of the excess hairs to avoid removing essential hairs from the main frame of the eyebrow shape.

Step away from the mirror after removing two or three hairs to ensure you like the shape your eyebrows are taking. Follow the bottom line you drew very carefully to get the ideal rounded shape. Remove any excess hairs on the top of the brow for a polished finish.

Brush your eyebrows a final time with your eyebrow brush to smooth out the hairs.

  • Work slowly with the tweezers to avoid over-plucking your eyebrows.
  • Take 15 minute breaks and come back to the mirror to see if you still like the shape of your eyebrows to avoid getting carried away as you pluck.

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