How to Make Your Bikini Line Look Better

Ingrown hairs can occur as a result of shaving. Daily exfoliation can help.
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Whether you’re headed to the beach or pool, your bikini line should look smooth and groomed. For some women, however, the bikini line can appear bumpy, broken-out or irritated after shaving. With a little extra maintenance, you can take care of your bikini line for soft, silky skin and wear your swimsuit with pride.

1 Steps for a Smoother Bikini Line

Avoid rough-looking razor burn and ingrown hairs by exfoliating the bikini line daily. A loofah glove or sponge is an ideal way to remove dead skin cells without over-exfoliating the sensitive bikini area. In addition, you can treat razor burn with a light dose of witch hazel or rosemary toner. Avoid using toner immediately after shaving; try applying it a few hours after a fresh shave to avoid stinging. Since the bikini area can become easily irritated, don’t wear tight fitting panties with tight elastic around the legs; this can lead to further redness along the delicate bikini line.

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