Elementary School Newspaper Ideas

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Share a writing project with your entire elementary school class. Each student can have a role in assembling the class newspaper. Students can show off their skills ranging from writing to design. Once the newspaper is complete, print out a copy for each student to take home to display as his first newspaper.

1 Upcoming Important Dates

Assign a few classmates to work together to collect information about their classmates. This can include information such as each student's birthday and what his favorite month or season of the year is. In each edition of the newspaper, these students should write a section listing the students that have birthdays before the next edition of the newspaper, and those whose favorite month or season is the month or season of that edition of the newspaper.

2 Student of the Month

Choose a student from the class to interview for each edition of the elementary school newspaper. Provide information about the student such as her favorite sports, hobbies and other interests. Take a photograph of the student to include with her article. The selection process can include nominations by teachers, or be as random as choosing a name out of a hat.

3 Local Business Reviews

Encourage each student in the class to write a review of a restaurant or other business that he has visited since the last newspaper edition. Some examples of other businesses could be a trip to a zoo or aquarium or entertainment venue such as a bowling alley or miniature golf course. This will give the students experience in writing to express their opinion.

4 Community Events

Each student who wishes can write an article about an event that she knows is coming up in the near future in the community. The students could also elect to work as a group and write one article including the information each student has gathered. Information about the events should include the location, date and details about the entertainment offered or the purpose of the event. This will give students an opportunity to interview others involved with the event to collect information and develop interview skills.

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