How to Get Rid of Nose Hair

Small amounts of nose hair help keep germs at bay.
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Get rid of nose hair in a hurry by removing the unsightly strands at home. While it's not a painless process, extracting nose hair is necessary when you see it growing beyond your nostrils. Stand in front of the mirror once a week to try and sniff out any loose strands. Once you spot them, use tweezers to pluck the hairs that protrude. For just a few minutes of uncomfortableness, you can smell sweet victory once it's done.

Take a warm shower. This helps open up pores and loosen hair follicles.

Look directly into the mirror. Locate any stray hairs poking out beyond your nostrils. Press backward on the tip of your nose. Insert the scissors and carefully cut the hair. Release your nose and see if the hair is still visible.

Move your nose to the side or up so that you can see remaining visible hair. Insert the tweezers into your nose -- as close to the root as possible -- and quickly pull.

Turn the nose trimmer on. Insert it into the nose. Slightly move it around the nostril to trim the hair.

Place a tiny drop of aloe vera gel onto your finger tip. Push the nostril up. Dab the gel into the nose to help soothe burning skin.

Open the hair-collection bin on the electric trimmer. Or simply rinse it under water.

  • Be careful not to nick inside your nose. It can easily get infected.
  • Make sure to sterilize your tweezers and scissors before every use.

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