How to Get Pretty Bombshell Curls With Sponge Curlers

Sponge rollers aren't just for your grandmother anymore.
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To achieve bold, bombshell curls, you might pull out your trusty curling iron, wait forever for it to heat up and spend tons of time, only to have your curls fall flat by lunch. Although they might seem hopelessly old fashioned, sponge curlers are available in a lot of sizes, and allow you to achieve the bouncy, awesome curls you're after without the heat-related styling damage, which leads to nasty split ends and crusty tresses.

Spray your hair with a leave-in conditioner and work through all the snarls and tangles with a wide-tooth comb. Separate your hair into 1 to 2-inch sections, depending on the size of your sponge rollers. If your sponge rollers are labeled “1-inch”, divide your hair into approximately 1-inch sections. If the rollers are labeled “2-inch”, divide your hair into 2-inch sections. Secure each section with a plastic clip.

Remove the clip from a section on either your left or right side at the hair line. Dampen the hair with water from a plastic spray bottle. Hold the section above your head and set the sponge roller on against the ends. Wrap your hair around the sponge roller until you reach your scalp. Secure the sponge roller with the clips provided with the rollers.

Repeat dampening and rolling each section until your entire head is covered in rollers. Spray all the rollers with a light spritzing of medium or maximum hold hairspray. Don't overdo it on the hairspray, or you could end up with crunchy instead of touchable curls.

Allow the curlers to stay put as long as possible. If you can only wait one hour, pull them out after an hour. If you can sleep in the rollers, set your curls the night before, cover your hair with a sleeping cap and head to bed.

Remove the clips and unroll all the sponge rollers. Once you're finished, shake out your head and work your fingers through your hair. Don't brush out the curls --if you have any snarls, use a wide-tooth comb to get rid of them. Cover your head with a final light spritzing of the medium or maximum-hold hairspray.

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