How to Request Military Transcripts

Get credits for military classes at your new university.
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Enlisting in one of the armed forces is a choice many make after high school. It can provide structure, direction and a source of college funds from the GI Bill. After you complete your service, you may want to go to school. Your time serving in the armed forces most likely has earned you college credits. Many universities count some of education received in the branches as classes. Request a military transcript and see what classes the schools you are applying to accept as transfer credits.

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1 U.S. Army, Marines, Navy and Coast Guard

2 Go to the Joint Services Transcript website

Go to the Joint Services Transcript website. Log in using your Common Access Card (CAC) login. Set up an account if you do not have a CAC. Provide a username, an email address, your Social Security number, date of birth and a password.

3 Go to the Transcripts link

Go to the “Transcripts” link at the top after you have successfully logged in. You can view or print your unofficial transcript here. Click on the link, then click on “Transcripts Menu.” Click on the link titled “Official Transcript Request.”

4 Search

Search for the school to which you are applying in the list. Look for the correct name, campus and address. Select the school. On the next page, read and acknowledge the consent statement and click “Yes” if you agree. Have the school contact the Department of Defense to be added to the list if you do not see it on there. Repeat for an additional school.

5 U.S. Air Force Online

6 Go to the Air University website

Go to the Air University website. Click on the link to the third-party ordering form.

7 Enter your student information

Enter your student information, which includes your name, date of birth, address and Social Security number. Click “Next.”

8 Enter your email address and your phone number and

Enter your email address and your phone number on the “Contact Information” page. Click “Next” to continue.

9 Select the mailing option needed

Select the mailing option needed. The site offers first-class mail starting around $2.25 with handling to express services of more than $20 per transcript. Advance to the next page.

10 Select the recipient or recipients

Select the recipient or recipients of the transcript. Move to the next page to review your order.

11 Enter in payment information

Enter in payment information and approve your purchase. Your order will be processed and sent electronically to the Air Force to be printed and mailed.

12 U.S. Air Force Written

13 Go to the Air University website to the Air University website

Go to the Air University website. Click on the link to the "Transcript Ordering Form."

14 Print the form

Print the form. Fill out all fields on the form and sign.

15 Mail the request

Mail the request to the address listed on the form. It will take approximately 10 to 15 business day to process after it has been received. There is no cost for this method.

  • Most schools do not take unofficial transcripts from potential students. It is best practice to request official transcripts from the military.
  • It is up to the educational institution to decide what it counts as course credits.
  • A military transcript is written in civilian language and may help employers see what skills and training you have.
  • The Department of Defense sends out two transcripts every 30 days at no charge.

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