Reasons to Register a Mac Computer

Registration benefits are the same for portable computers as for desktop computers.
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Registering your Mac computer comes with several benefits that you may wish to receive. However, you don't need to register your Mac computer to receive service or support on it. Your computer is identified for customer support and repair issues by the serial number located on the back of the computer, in the battery bay or in the "About This Mac" window in Mac OS X.

1 My Support Profile

Registering your Mac computer is a way to connect your personal information to that computer with My Support Profile. When you sign in with your Apple ID, you can see your case history, get support recommendations and see what repairs you've had done on your product. It's one way of keeping track of your Mac for as long as you own it.

2 Identifying the Device

While you can find lost or stolen Mac computers with iCloud, even if it isn't registered, registration may still come in handy if the computer is stolen. A copy of the operating system that's registered to you is another way to identify whose computer it is. Even if the computer is registered under another user, you have the computer and its serial number in your history.

3 Product Updates

When you register your computer, you're giving Apple a way to contact you and a notification about what products you have. When updates are released for Apple products you own, you may receive a notice in your email in addition to the update area of the operating system. It also helps Apple to send you relevant notices about complimentary products or services.

4 Simplicity

When you start up a new Mac computer, you'll be presented with setup options. One of these options is to register the Mac. Since it only takes a moment, you're not trading a great deal of time or effort for the benefits of registration. If the information you provide to register the computer is required later, it may be at a less convenient time for you.

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