Games for Parent Involvement Workshops

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One pivotal way to achieve success in education is through parental support. Research reviewed by the National Education Association has shown that with parental support children can maximize their potential in their academics, behavior and attendance. Getting the involvement of parents in the education of their children can be done through the help of parent involvement workshops. Games and icebreakers during these workshops can help promote parental involvement while creating an enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere.

1 Icebreakers for Warming Up

Icebreakers help to warm-up participants during a parent involvement workshop. These activities can help build a comfortable, yet energized environment . One game that can be used as an icebreaker is Candy Introductions. The presenter of the workshop will pass around a bag of candy. Parents will be asked to take between 3 to 7 pieces of candy. For each piece of candy, the parents must share one fact about themselves.

2 Activities to Build Teamwork

An activity that can be used during the workshop is the Egg-cellent Parenting activity. For this activity, participants must be divided into two teams. A spoon with an egg resting on it will be given to the first person in each line. Parents must go to a designated point and return, passing the spoon and egg to the next parent. At the end of the activity, parents can have a discussion, comparing the game to real life parenting.

3 Building a Bridge Between Home and School

PINGO stands for Parent Involvement Nurtures Great Opportunities. Parents can be given a card at the meeting. The PINGO card is divided into 25 squares, each having a description of an activity that parents can do with their children while at home. Parents can take the card home and complete five of the activities, either in a row or a diagonal. When parents have completed the card they can return it to school for a prize. This game helps to promote parental involvement both in school and at home.

4 Fun-Filled Games

Another way to enhance participation in parent involvement workshops is by providing fun-filled games. An interactive game such as a school scavenger hunt allows parents to become acquainted with the school setting, staff members, and other parents in the school community. Parents can explore the different parts of the schools and classrooms and learn more about the school environment. A prize could be provided to the parent that returns from the scavenger hunt first.

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