Your Boyfriend Is Meeting Your Parents: How to Make Sure It Goes Well

Informing your boyfriend of any family traditions ahead of time can help during a first meeting.
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Your romance with your boyfriend is getting serious, and the opportunity for him to meet your parents has finally arrived. While the upcoming meeting can induce anxiety, you need not perspire until the big day arrives. There are multiple strategies that can be used to make sure that the first meeting between your boyfriend and parents goes off without a hitch.

1 Begin the Prep Work

Your partner leaves your eyes sparkling, and you are confident that he will get along great with your parents. While optimism is grand, telling each side about the other before the first meeting may prevent awkward moments. Sharing information about hobbies, education and work can give your parents and boyfriend topic material when the meeting occurs. This is also the time to issue warnings to both sides. For example, discussions about controversial topics, such as religion or politics, should be scrapped.

2 Offer Some Tips

Maybe your parents fawn over a partner who is helpful or they appreciate small gifts. These tips can help your boyfriend put his best foot forward. Bringing flowers or dessert when first meeting your parents can help your boyfriend shine. Offering to clear away dishes after a meal, complimenting the cook and saying "please" and "thank you" can also go a long way in impressing your parents.

3 Keep Conversation Going

Every time you introduce a boyfriend, your parents bring up embarrassing stories about you when you were small. Though your family may chuckle over these stories, your boyfriend may not yet have the same privilege within your family. They may perceive any negative or humorous stories he shares about you as insulting or demeaning. You and your boyfriend should act as a united front, being supportive and encouraging of one another. If silence falls over the room, take it upon yourself to make connections between both sides. You can mention, for example, how your boyfriend and father share a love of baseball.

4 Plan More Meetings

When your boyfriend and parents meet for the first time, it may be best to keep it brief. Meeting at a restaurant for lunch or dinner may be ideal. No matter how the first meeting goes, repeated exposure to your parents can cause both sides to warm up to one another. If your boyfriend made a slip-up that left your parents offended, explain the situation and allow him to have the opportunity to apologize.

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