Preschool Classroom Decoration Ideas

Preschool Classroom
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A preschool classroom is a lively and energetic place. Preschool children are naturally curious and creative, so the decor of this classroom should showcase their creativity and challenge their curiosity. Make sure that the decor is colorful and placed at a level that makes it possible for small people to see and appreciate it.

1 Reading Nook

Reading Nook
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Place a colorful rug on the floor in a corner. Create a tree under which the children can be read to for story times. Make a large tree trunk out of a cardboard carpet tube that can be obtained from a flooring store. The carpet tube can be placed in a Christmas tree stand in the corner to secure it and then covered with sheets of brown construction paper to make it look like a tree trunk. Make it gnarled and draw the outlines of the bark on the trunk with a black marker as it extends up the wall. The tree limbs might be created by the frame of an old patio umbrella (remove the fabric to leave just the metal frame). Attach green paper leaves and brown paper limbs to the metal umbrella frame with hot glue to create a leaf canopy over the rug.

2 Art Gallery

Art Gallery
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Make an 8.5-inch by 11-inch frame for each child out of craft foam that can be used to showcase current artwork. Write each child's name on their frame with bright paint. Leave the top of the frames open for easy access to switch out the artwork to keep the frames current. Place the frames at the children's eye level in a prominent location in the room.

3 ABCs and 123s

Bulletin board displays
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A bulletin board that displays the alphabet and numbers is an important part of a preschool classroom. To keep the children interested in the bulletin board, switch it often. Consider using unusual materials to create the letters and numbers. Some suggestions include tissue paper that has been rolled thin and made into colorful letters and numbers, ribbons, craft foam, deflated balloons and even candy pieces might be glued onto the bulletin board to create the letters and numbers.

4 Seasons

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Use one bulletin board to showcase the current season. This will help the children learn the different seasons of the year and what is involved in the seasons. Add pictures of the expected weather for that season, a calendar of the current month, and pictures of any items that are associated with holidays occurring during that season. Include a spot to highlight any student birthdays that occur during the current season.

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