Easy Kids Crafts With Popsicle Sticks & Yarn

Exercise creativity with crafts and projects based on craft sticks and yarn.
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Endless possibilities of crafts await with a box of Popsicle craft sticks, glue and a supply of yarn. Fill a rainy afternoon with crafts designed to keep restless minds and little fingers busy. Your little one will be delighted to use his imagination to create a new object out of simple craft supplies. Display the crafts in a prominent place or save them as a gift for a preschool teacher or grandparent.

1 Kites

Glue two Popsicle sticks across each other in the shape of a “T.” Wind a piece of yarn in a continuous loop over and under each Popsicle stick around the “T.” When your child is close to running out of yarn, tie on a new color of yarn and let him continue the design until the kite is finished. Tie a yarn tail with small bows onto the bottom of the kite. Attach fishing wire to a row of kites to hang in front of a window.

2 Recipe Holder Craft

Build a recipe holder gift with nothing but stacked Popsicle sticks and glue, and then decorate with yarn. Glue together piles of eight jumbo craft sticks stacked together to create two sides for the recipe holder. To make the front of the holder, place two parallel jumbo Popsicle sticks vertically in front of your child and dot craft glue in a line across each stick. Have your child line up five craft sticks horizontally between the two sticks, securing with the glue. Cut off the top remainder of the vertical craft sticks. Repeat this process for the back of the recipe card holder, using eight horizontal craft sticks this time. Glue the two stacks of sticks onto the front and back “wall” pieces. Next, glue a layer of craft sticks across the bottom of the holder as your base. After the glue dries, draw glue flowers and butterflies onto the front of the card holder and press a yarn string into the glue.

3 Popsicle Stick Dolls

Cut one third of the way up through the middle of a jumbo craft stick to make legs for a doll. Tape yarn onto the back of two smaller craft sticks and wrap around the “arms” to create sleeves, alternating two colors if your child wants stripes. Leave the end of the stick poking out as the hand. Glue the arms onto the back of the jumbo stick, and repeat the yarn pattern across the top of the jumbo stick to create a shirt, leaving a blank space at the end for the face. Next, wrap a different color around the legs to design either a skirt or pants, and wrap ½-inch of black yarn around the ends to create shoes. Draw on a face and then glue on yarn hair or create a yarn hat. Glue one hand from each doll together as if they are holding hands, and press their feet into a small rectangle of polystyrene foam to help them stand up.

4 Tabby Cat Magnet

Wind alternating orange and yellow yarn around five Popsicle sticks. Glue four of them vertically onto the back of one horizontal Popsicle stick to create the base of a long-legged kitty. Glue a large oval wooden craft piece onto one end for the head and attach two miniature teardrop wood pieces onto the back of the head to create the ears. Color the head and ears with orange and yellow stripes to match the body, and glue small pieces of black or gray yarn on for the whiskers. Make a yellow and orange yarn braid to glue onto the other end as the tail. Cut strips of magnetic tape and adhere to the back of the kitty for a refrigerator decoration.

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