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Nursery school is often a child's first experience being away from home as well as the introduction into formal education. Decorating the nursery classroom in a warm, welcoming and educational manner is an important step in making each little student's experience successful. Follow these steps.

Cover the bulletin boards

Cover the bulletin boards. Cover the bulletin boards with brightly colored paper. If there are no boards in the room, create some by covering sections of the wall with bulletin board papers.

Surround the bulletin boards with colorful borders

Surround the bulletin boards with colorful borders.

Fill in one bulletin board with shapes

Fill in one bulletin board with shapes. This board can help you teach shapes.

Take photos of each student

Take photos of each student. Print each child's photo and glue it to construction paper and write the child's first name underneath. The construction paper can be cut into leaf or apple shapes at the beginning of the school year. Post the photos onto another bulletin board.

Label the room

Label the room. Write names of common objects on the construction paper and cut out each word. Tape or staple the labels onto classroom objects.

Share student work

Share student work. Use a bulletin board or an empty section of the wall to post artwork from your students. You can use a project that the whole class did or pieces they have done during free time.

Create stations

Create stations. Use your furniture to create sections of the classroom, such as a play house, art space, reading corner, dress up den or nap area.

Things Needed

  • ['Bulletin board paper', 'Bulletin board borders', 'Construction paper', 'Cut-out letters and shapes', 'Stapler', 'Staples', 'Digital camera', 'Printer and photo paper', 'Glue', 'Markers', 'Scissors']


  • Use lots of bright, contrasting colors to help the students recognize colors.


  • Don't spend too much money on commercial bulletin board sets. Students will pay more attention to their authentic work and the posters you have made.