How to Make a Jewish Hat

A variety of patterns may appear on a yarmulke.

Jews customarily cover their heads during prayer. The hat worn for this purpose is called either a yarmulke, in Yiddish, or kippah, in Hebrew. Make a simple kippah out of paper or instruct your children in the craft. A child old enough to use scissors can make his own kippah from scratch; otherwise, construct the hat for him and invite him to decorate it.

Open the compass 3 1/2 inches. Draw a circle with the compass by holding the point of the compass in place on the paper and turning the compass pencil around the point 180 degrees. This will create a circle with a diameter of 7 inches.

Remove the compass from the paper and draw a small dot where the compass point was. This will remind you where the center of your circle is.

Cut out the circle using a pair of scissors.

Draw a straight line with a ruler from the center point of the circle to its outer edge.

Cut along the straight line to the center of the circle.

Overlap the two cut edges along the straight line. This will produce a dome effect at the point of the center of the circle. Tape or staple the overlapping edges in place.

Decorate the kippah using markers or pencil crayons.

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