How to Poof Your Hair at the Crown

Rock that gorgeous crown volume, seen here on the red carpet.
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If the idea of backcombing your hair conjures up images of '60s bouffants or '80s heavy metal bands, it's time for you to rethink the art of the tease. A little volume at the crown gives your style oomph and definition, and teasing is one of the quickest, easiest ways to achieve that volume. For a poof that even Brigitte Bardot might envy, you can also add a soft foam or plastic insert that sits just underneath the hair at the crown. No matter your technique, be sure flaunt your with poof with pride.

Wash and towel dry your hair. Comb out any tangles, then spritz a texturizing spray lightly from roots to ends. The texture will give your hair the grip it needs to hold extra volume.

Scrunch a small, palm-sized dollop of mousse into your hair over the texturizing spray. Think of your hair as a piece of architecture -- you're going to need some infrastructure to pull off that poof, and mousse will help you achieve greater volume.

Blow-dry your hair with a large round brush, starting at the roots. At the crown, get the brush right next to the scalp and pull it up slightly and away from your face. This "up, up and away" movement will help add volume and a little preliminary poof to your crown.

Section off the hair right in front of your crown with a comb and clip it to the side with a stylist's clip. You'll use it to cover up the teased hair and make your hairstyle look smooth.

Pick up a 1-inch-wide section of hair at your crown. Place the teasing comb or brush about 2 inches from the scalp and push the comb or brush down toward the scalp in short strokes. The hair should be puffy and voluminous. Continue until you've teased all the hair at the crown.

Lay a soft or plastic volumizing insert just behind the teased hair. Lay the teased hair on top of the insert. If you have thick hair, a lot of volume from teasing, or you're looking for a more subtle poof, you can skip the insert.

Unclip the hair from in front of the crown and lay it over the hair you've teased, making sure you cover the teased hair. Smooth it lightly with your round brush or your fingers.

Gather the hair to a point below the poof, right at the back center of your head. Slide one bobby pin on either side of the gathered hair so that the pins form an X. Insert more pins as necessary to secure the hair.

Style the rest of the hair as you desire; you can leave it down or secure it in a bun, braid or low ponytail. Don't pull the hair too tight, as that could put pressure on your poof and flatten it. Finish with light hair spray.

  • When you want to de-tease your hair, remove the pins and insert, then rinse your hair thoroughly in the shower. Work a large dollop of conditioner through your hair with a wide-toothed comb. The conditioner will remove the stickiness from the mousse and spray. Once the tangles are out, you can wash as usual.

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