How to Make Your Bangs Look Piecy

Leah Michelle lets out a big smile in her piecey look while at New York's Z100 Radio.
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If you’re tired of the blunt look of your bangs, piecey bangs can freshen up your style with a natural, relaxed look. For bangs you are growing out, you can give them a piecy side-swept effect to make them blend with the rest of your hair more naturally. The wispy, fringe style is easy to achieve with the right tools and products.

Spritz bangs with water to get them damp. You want damp bangs, not soaking wet, so if you overspray and bangs are dripping, soak up excess water with a towel.

Rub a pea-sized amount of volumizing mousse between your thumbs and fingertips; run the mousse through your bangsbangs to coat them.

Blow dry for one minute on low speed, low heat with a metal, medium-barreled round brush. This will give bangs some shape and volume.

Finish by brushing your bangs to the left and then to the right with a paddle brush, going back and forth as you blow dry them on low speed and heat.

Apply a pea-sized amount of pomade wax to fingertips and rub fingers together. Lightly pinch the ends of a few pieces of your bangs and twist them to the left and right. This will create the "pieces." Be sure to apply pomade just at the ends to prevent weighing bangs down.

  • This method can also be utilized on the rest of your hair to give it a chunky, piecey effect. Remember to use a light amount of pomade and only at the ends.
  • To freshen piecey bangs in between washes, run a flat iron over them to smooth, then twist the ends with a small amount of pomade.

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