Photo Reading Techniques

Can you read an entire newspaper in 10 minutes? Photo readers say it is possible.

Photo reading is a fairly controversial technique that is said to allow people to absorb 25,000 words a minute. According to NASA researchers, the program does not work at all. However, there are many people who claim that it does. If you wish to try the technique, there are some simple steps to follow.

1 Use Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Imagine you are in a relaxing and calm place.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP was used by the creator of Photo Reading, Paul Scheel, when he created the technique. NLP is used to create anchors in the mind that bring us into positive, calm and relaxed states. Before attempting to Photo Read, you must put yourself into such a state. Tell yourself that you are going to absorb the information, advise your brain exactly what information you are looking for and tell yourself that you will quickly and easily find it. Once you enter this confident state, it will be much easier to absorb information.

2 Preview the Material

Skim the book first.

Photo reading requires that you first skim the material so that you get a feel for it and how the pages are laid out. It should be printed material like a book. Skim quickly in about two minutes.

3 Photo Read a Page a Second

Learning to photo read will take time, so be patient.

Photo read the pages by looking at a page every second. At this rate, photo reader courses claim you will be absorbing 25,000 words a minute. You will not feel like you are absorbing any information at first, but give it time. Slow down so you are photo reading a page every two seconds, then every three seconds and so on. With time and practice, you will begin absorbing information.

4 Post-View the Material

As if with a magnifying glass, search for the relevant information.

Just as your previewed the reading material, now you must post-view it. Try to recall the sections that were important, go back to them and skim them. Recall the keywords and important information. You can also write them down if you need to. This post-view could take up to 15 minutes depending on the size of the text.

Sarah Fardell has over five years experiencing working as a freelance writer and copy editor for several print and Web publications in China and Australia. After completing her Bachelor of Arts in film she won a scholarship to study at the prestigious Beijing Film Academy in China.