AOL's Favorite Places function allows you to bookmark your favorite sites and Web pages from within your AOL software, enabling you to revisit those locations by clicking on a link in your AOL Desktop. You can elect to save your AOL Favorite Places either online or on your computer. To import locally saved AOL bookmarks to a new computer, manually export your Favorite Places from your old computer and then import them into the new computer's AOL software.

Step 1

Open your old computer's installation of AOL Desktop Software and then click “Favorites” to open the “My Favorite Places” window.

Step 2

Click “Manage” and then select “Save My Favorite Places as a File On My Computer.”

Step 3

Select a location and filename for your favorites file and then click “Save.”

Step 4

Open your email account and create a new email. Attach the favorites file to the email and then send the email to yourself.

Step 5

Open your email account on your new computer and select the email you just sent to yourself. Download the attached favorites file to the new computer.

Step 6

Open the new computer's installation of AOL Desktop Software and click “Favorites.”

Step 7

Click “Manage” and then select “Replace My Favorite Places with a Favorites File.”

Step 8

Select the favorites file that you downloaded to your new computer and then click “Open.” Your new computer's Favorite Places will be replaced by your favorites from the old computer.


  • Information in this article applies to AOL Desktop Software 9.0. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.


  • If you want to add the old favorites to your new computer's Favorite Places list without deleting the new computer's existing favorites, select “Append a Favorites File to My Favorite Places” from the Manage list when you go to import your favorites file into the new computer.