Nook iPad App Instructions

Use the iPad and the Nook app to access your Nook library.
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Barnes & Noble created the Nook iPad app to provide iPad users with an option for accessing the reading materials in their B&N accounts. Any books, periodicals and newspapers associated with an account are accessible on the iPad through the Nook app. The iPad app uses many of the same settings and controls that are available on the Nook e-reader.

1 Barnes & Noble Account

When you open the Nook app on the iPad, you're prompted to log in to your Barnes & Noble account. Logging in connects you to your cloud account, which contains all your purchased books and other reading materials. If you're new to Barnes & Noble, you can create an account at the Barnes & Noble website. After you set up an account, tap "Sign In" on the Nook iPad app and log in.

2 Collection Menu and Downloading From the Cloud

When you log in to your account, the iPad Nook app displays your account history. By default, all the reading materials tied to your account are shown. Filter the library by selecting a category in the All Items drop-down menu. Your reading materials are categorized by type, such as Books, Magazines and Newspapers. Texts in the library that have a cloud image next to them are not yet downloaded to your device. Tapping the image downloads the text to the iPad. An Internet connection is required.

3 Searching Library and Other Settings

The toolbar at the top of the library screen has a search field that you can use to find a book or publication if you're having trouble finding a specific title. Type the name of the text and tap "Return" to find the title. A gear wheel icon is also located in the toolbar, and it displays that Settings window when you tap it. In the Settings screen, you have the option to log out of your account, select a default dictionary, read frequently asked questions and send feedback to Barnes & Noble.

4 Reading Documents

Tap the title that you want to read to open it on the iPad. Swiping across the screen to the left or right changes the pages, and tapping the top of the screen provides access to the toolbar. The flag on the right side of the toolbar is for bookmarking pages. The Contents tab shows the table of contents, which you can use to quickly switch to another chapter. The Contents tab also shows your bookmarks and notes. To add notes to a title, tap and hold a word in the text until it is highlighted and an options window appears, and then tap "Add Note." You also have the option to highlight the text, look the word up in the dictionary, and search the remainder of the document for other instances of that word.

5 Reading Settings

The reading toolbar includes settings that you can adjust to improve your experience with the Nook app. The "A" symbol opens the Text Options window, which has settings for font size, font type, line spacing and margins. It also has theme selections that change the background color of the page. The sun symbol controls the screen brightness, which you can adjust by moving the slider to the left and right.

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