How to Read a Palm

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Palm reading has been around for centuries as a way to predict the future of an individual. The lines on the palm each have a meaning that can indicate how long a person will live, how many children they will have and how successful their career will be, among other things. There are many different types of palm reading, but there are a few things that every palm reader looks for.

1 Study the four main lines

Study the four main lines that dominate the palm. Those lines are the heart, head, fate and life lines. These lines are used in most types of palmistry and will determine the person's past, present and future.

2 Start with the right hand

Start with the right hand. This one is usually the dominant hand and tells more about the personality than the left hand.

3 Look for the heart line

Look for the heart line. This is the one that is the highest on the palm. It is a horizontal line that can slope upward from the left edge of the palm, or it may go start across from the left edge toward the right. The way the line looks determines how the person's love life will fare. If the line has lots of smaller lines running through it, the person's love life will be stormy. If the heart line curves, the person is expressive of their feelings. If it is a very short line, the person is not very interested in romantic relationships.

4 Go to the head line next

Go to the head line next. This is the horizontal line below the heart line. It usually starts at the right edge of the palm and cuts across the center of the palm. This line represents what the person’s general personality is like. A short head line means they are not cerebral and instead enjoy physical things. A curvy line means they are creative. A deep line means the person is a deep thinker. If there are a lot of crosses going through this line, the person has made many big decisions.

5 Read the life line next

Read the life line next. This line is located toward the right side of the right palm. It often starts near the top part of the thumb and then curves downward. The line is read by some as an indicator of the length of the person’s life, but most palmistry traditions read it as an indicator of their general life force. A line that is short means the person is easily manipulated. A line that is long means the person has a high level of vitality. A curvy line means the person has a lot of energy. A line that has a circle on it means that the person has been injured. If there has not yet been a major injury, that injury is in the person’s future.

6 Find the fate line

Find the fate line. This line usually starts at the bottom of the palm and goes upward through the center of the palm. For some people, it will start at the left side of the bottom of the palm. The line shows how much fate will affect the person’s life. A deep fate line means the influence of fate will be strong. If the line crosses the person’s life line, it means that the person will have a lot of support from others. If the line has a lot of breaks in it, the person will have many influences on them from outside sources.