New York University Admissions Requirements for Transfer Students

For a lot of young dreamers, New York is where it's at.
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Television heroine Felicity Porter ditched prestigious Stanford for New York University and the glamour of the Big Apple, and so can you. If you have the academic background to be admitted to a top-50 national research university, you can transfer into NYU.

1 Your Transfer Status

In order to apply to NYU as a transfer student, you should have a transcript showing coursework at any community college or four-year college, domestic or international. This work must be fulfilling credits for an associate or bachelor’s degree: it may not be for a certificate or vocational degree. You also shouldn't have attained this coursework credit while still in high school. Because competition for admission is fierce, it’s ideal if you've completed 32 hours of college coursework by the time you matriculate at NYU. Transfer students seeking a second bachelor’s degree in nursing must go through a special application process. If you have only been taking courses as a non-degree basis and were not actually enrolled as an undergraduate, or if you have been studying at a conservatory, you should apply to NYU as a freshman, not a transfer. Adult students seeking to pursue degrees part-time while working should apply to the NYU School of Continuing and Professional studies.

2 Planning Ahead

If you’re planning on transferring to NYU, you should ask one of your college instructors who knows you well and likes your work to write a recommendation letter for you. You will want to do this well in advance of the application deadline to give the instructor adequate time. If you are currently attending a community college or four-year institution, you should also obtain a report from your registrar demonstrating that you are currently enrolled. You should have your college registrar and your high school counselor send your college and high school transcripts directly to NYU.

3 Application Materials

You should mail the $70 application fee, transfer student application, application writing supplement and your instructor’s evaluation letter directly to the NYU admissions office. If you've completed a full year of college by the time of application, you don't have to submit standardized test scores. However, if you don't, you need to submit one of the following: the SAT Reasoning test; the ACT with Writing test; three SAT subject test scores; three AP exam scores; the International Baccalaureate Diploma; or three IB higher-level exam scores.

All of these materials, including the transcripts submitted by your college registrar and high school counselor, must arrive at the NYU admissions office by Nov. 1 for spring transfers, or by April 1 for summer and fall transfers. Fall transfers to the Tisch School for the Arts dance program should apply by Feb. 15.

4 Admission Statistics

According to U.S. News & World Report, NYU admits 35 percent of students who apply. NYU reports that 96 of the school’s undergraduates ranked in the top quarter of their high school class. The average SAT math score is between 650 and 750; the average SAT critical reading score is between 630 and 730; and the average SAT writing score is between 660 and 750. The average ACT with Writing score is between 29 and 31. Tuition is roughly $45,000 and room and board are roughly $17,000 for an academic year -- 65 percent of undergraduates receive financial aid, with an average package of $26,000. The student-faculty ratio is 11 to 1.

Laura Holland Fletcher has graduate level training in ESL, linguistics and the teaching of writing. She taught ESL and college writing for more than 10 years in both the US and Asia. She also writes for local and national magazines that cover legal, educational and social justice issues.