What Is the Mustache Called That Curls Up?

Whether extreme or reserved, a handlebar mustache always makes a statement.
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As members of the Handlebar Club attest, not all mustaches are created equal. The classic handlebar look is vintage and trendy at the same time, and while all handlebars have curled sides, each ‘stache is different. A regular handlebar has side extensions at whatever length the owner prefers, sometimes quite exaggerated. A petite handlebar is smaller and more controlled, and an imperial is large and bushy, tamed with wax from tip to tip.

1 Waxing, Combing and Curling

A handlebar mustache needs daily dedication to grooming. Without proper care, a handlebar becomes nothing more than bushy facial hair covering your mouth. Each morning, apply mustache wax to your clean mustache and brush it through, combing from the center toward the corners of your mouth. The small tool for this task has a comb on one side and a brush on the other -- use whichever distributes the wax evenly for you. Comb your ‘stache into shape, swooping it up from your lip to form the long end on each side. Twist the waxed ends slightly to hold the hairs together and roll the long ends around your finger or a writing pen to achieve the traditional curl.

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