How to Keep People From Knowing I'm on Facebook

Selectively disabling Facebook chat only makes you available to certain friends.
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Facebook automatically shows your online status to friends whenever you log in, which makes you available for instant messages. That's cool for your closest friends, but it could be downright annoying for others, like that creepy guy from Math class or your harassing little brother. Although you can disable chat to conceal your online status, it might be more practical to disable chat only for certain contacts.

Log in to your Facebook account and click the "Chat" bar to open the pop-up window.

Click the gear icon and select "Advanced Settings." Alternatively, click "Turn off Chat" to disable Facebook Chat entirely.

Click "Turn on Chat for All Friends Except" and enter the names you wish to exclude in the field provided. Alternatively, click "Turn on Chat for Only Some Friends" and enter the friends to whom you want to remain available.

Click "Save" to save your settings.

  • Your settings persist even after you log out and subsequently log back in. If you want to be available to everyone again, click "Turn on Chat for All Friends Except" from the Advanced Settings menu, remove any names in the field provided, and then click "Save."