What Does a Girl Mean When She Says You're a Good Person to Talk To?

Be a good listener to lay the foundation for a great relationship.
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When a girl comes to you after an argument with her mother or a fall-out with her friends, knowing that she can count on you to lend an ear, she's just given you a high compliment. Being a good listener is one of the most important qualities a friend or partner can have. Whether or not this remark carries any romantic weight is anyone's guess, but one thing's for certain -- you're laying the groundwork for a fabulous friendship.

1 You Are Trustworthy

If a girl spills her guts to you, it's because she's fairly certain you won't spread the news during first period at school tomorrow. Somehow, you've established yourself as a person who is worthy of her trust and that she considers to be a caregiver of her secrets. Besides having the ability to keep her personal information to yourself, you may also give off nonverbal signals that encourage trust such as leaning forward, smiling and nodding. Most importantly, you likely make her feel safe and not judged by you for her disclosures.

2 You Are a Good Listener

An active listener is genuinely interested in what the other person is thinking and feeling, says therapist Larry Alan Nadig, Ph.D., in the article, "Tips on Effective Listening" on his personal website. If a girl has told you that you're a good listener, chances are that she feels you really care about what she's trying to say. In other words, you aren't listening to her tales of woe and also checking your social networking account at the same time. This skill will take you far in relationships, because you make other people feel that you value them.

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