Cute Things to Do for Your Boyfriend When He's Sick

Pamper your guy when he's sick and he won't forget it.
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When your boyfriend is sick and stuck at home with a cold, the flu or a stomach bug, all you want to do is make him feel better. Even if he may be exaggerating his illness a bit, as people sometimes do, you'll earn major points with him if you go out of your way to be there, comfort him, and give him lots of attention.

1 Baby Him

Your guy may want to be coddled when he's not feeling well. Sympathize with him, even if he's acting like his minor cold is the Black Plague. Send him frequent text messages to check on him if he's stuck at home when you're in school. If you're on a college campus, stop by his dorm room regularly, fluff his pillow, and check his temperature. If it's something more serious and he's in the hospital, spend as much time with him there as you can. Supporting him when he's under the weather, even if he's just got the sniffles, will clarify to him that you're a keeper and you can bet he'll be there for you when you're down and out.

2 Bring Him Soup

Ask your mom or grandmother for their famous cold-busting soup recipe and make it for your guy. If they don't have one, ask friends for a good recipe or search for a homemade chicken noodle soup in a cookbook. Aside from chicken noodle, most hot broth soups can help alleviate cold symptoms, including vegetable soup and Chinese hot and sour soup. If cooking from scratch is not your thing, just pick up canned soup, heat it in the microwave, and doctor it up a bit by adding your own additional spices, a dash of hot sauce, or cooked vegetables. He probably won't be able to tell the difference and will appreciate it all the same.

3 Keep Him Entertained

When your boyfriend is stuck in bed for a couple of days, he'll get bored quickly. Surprise him with a fresh batch of movies that he's been wanting to see. If he's not too contagious, curl up next to him and watch the movie together to keep him company. Pick up a new video game for your boyfriend if he is a game fanatic. If he enjoys reading but rarely finds the time, being stuck in bed for a few days is an excellent opportunity. Bring over a few books you think he might like or download them to his electronic tabs. Other ideas include sending him website links to the funniest online videos you can find and playing online games with him.

4 Get His Class Notes

Don't let your guy get behind with his classwork when he'll be missing classes for a few days. Offer to bring homework to your boyfriend when he is stuck in bed and help him with it if possible. If you are in college and you have some classes together, take detailed notes for him. For classes you don't share, ask someone in those other classes if he or she could email class notes to your boyfriend so he can easily catch up. Your guy is sure to be super appreciative that you have gone out of your way to help him out and keep him up to date with school.

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