Student planners are essential to staying organized for school. Whether you are in college, high school or middle school, this is the best way to keep track of when assignments are due and when you have tests. You can copy your syllabus information directly into your planner as a reminder of when you need to study and write your papers. Instead of spending money on an expensive organizer, use Microsoft Word to create your own personalized planner.

Step 1

Open a new Word document to create a template that you can fill in daily. That way you can fill in the dates and information as you go along.

Step 2

Type the information you wish to include on the page. For example: "Date," "Class," "Assignments" and "Notes." Arrange them in the order you like best.

Step 3

Hit "Enter" to leave a space between each section or create lines to make lined paper to write on. You can do this by hitting "Shift" and the dash "-" key (located next to the "0" button). Highlight the whole page and copy and paste it onto a second page.

Step 4

Click "Print" under the "File" menu. Choose how many pages you wish to print --- enter "2" --- and check the box indicating to print both on the same page. This means your template will appear on both sides of the page. You can then print the pages back to back.

Step 5

Use cardstock to make a cover if you like. Fold the pages in half and bind with ribbon or other material.