How to Write a Letter of Request

A letter of request is what you write to ask for information from a company or an individual. A letter of request should be considered a formal letter. Close attention to spelling and grammar is important. It is also important to be concise and to the point with your writing.

Begin the letter with the proper formal letter formatting. The date goes at the top, followed by your return address, the name and address of the recipient, the greeting, the subject line, the body of the letter, and the closing.

State the purpose of your letter in the first paragraph. Be direct, yet polite.

Explain your request in the next paragraph with some details. Be sure to mention a deadline, if applicable. If it is necessary, provide background information about yourself or the situation.

Provide all the information necessary for your recipient to make a decision and grant what you ask.

Include your telephone number and e-mail address as part of the body of the letter. Invite the recipient to contact you with any questions she may have.

Finish the body of the letter by thanking the recipient for his consideration and help.

Close the letter with the closing "Sincerely."

Print the letter on plain white paper. Sign and fold the letter and place into a business-size envelope. Print the address on the envelope with your printer and mail the letter of request.

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