How to Write a Tardy Note

Tardy notes are required whenever a student misses school.

Your child is practically guaranteed to miss at least a few days of school during his younger years. Whenever this occurs, the school requires a reason for your child missing time, even if the student is only an hour late. A tardy note written by a parent or guardian is usually all the school administration needs in these cases. Such notes are kept on file as proof that the student was rightfully excused from school during a particular time period.

Write the date in one of the top corners of the note. This verifies the date you produced the note.

Start the note with the name of the tardy student. Then, write whether the student was just tardy or actually absent from school.

Write the hours or dates the student missed.

Give a brief explanation for the student's absence. In most cases, a vague explanation is acceptable (For example: “He was sick with the flu.” “He had a doctor's appointment.”)

Write your signature on the bottom of the note to verify it.

  • Some schools require proof for the absence if the student misses an excessive amount of school. In these cases, a doctor's note, proof of a death in the family or other verification is required along with the tardy note.

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