How Long Should You Wait to Kiss a Woman?

The first kiss is a key moment in a relationship.
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Many people view the first kiss as a crucial step in the development of a romantic relationship, writes Pamela Regan in “The Science of Love,” on the "Psychology Today" website. It’s a make or break moment that will culminate either in a spark that leads to fireworks, or a dud that falls flat if chemistry just isn’t there. Considering how important the first kiss is to a couple, it’s key to get the timing right on when first to do it.

1 The First or Second Date

Most women say that a first kiss should happen somewhere on the first or second date, asserts Sari Locker, Ph.D. in the article “First Kisses, the New Rules.” If you wait longer than the second date, you risk getting stuck in the friend zone. It’s also important not to wait until the very end of the date to make your move. The doorway is no place for your first kiss, says Locker, as that sets up an awkward, artificial stage for what should be an act of spontaneous passion.

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