Do I Text Him or Wait for Him to Text Me After a Good Night Kiss?

Deciding whether to text first is a matter of personal preference.
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Knowing whether to send the first text after a good night kiss depends on the man and your personality. Ultimately, whether you choose to text or wait depends on whether you are comfortable making the first move. While many men will respond well to a text telling him good night or thanking him for the kiss, more traditional guys will expect to text first.

1 Making the Move

Washington, D.C., matchmaking service owner Christie Nightingale tells "Washington Post" readers that many men are “touched” when women reach out after a good date with a text message. On the other hand, some professionals such as Virginia-based dating coach Jess McCann suggest that men should make the first move after a date. Indeed, there is no consensus on who should text first. JDate and Christian Mingle commissioned a study that examined the the impact of mobile phones on dating. The study found that both men and women felt that it didn't matter who texted first after a date. In the end, the choice on whether to text first is up to you, your values and your comfort level in making the first move.

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