Lotions and creams don’t last forever. “Real Simple” magazine says opened containers can last for two years, while unused bottles may be good for up to three years. Still, there is an exception to the rule, even for your most expensive beauty products. Heat is one of the many factors that can make an otherwise effective lotion go bad.

Why Lotion Can't Beat the Heat

All beauty products have active ingredients that can only last for so long. When the ingredients are exposed to the elements, such as heat, the ingredients can deactivate. According to “Real Simple” magazine, lotion can spoil before its normal expiration date if you don’t store the product in a spot that is 10 degrees cooler than room temperature. Avoid leaving lotions and creams out in the open, no matter how pretty the bottles look. To make creams and lotions last, tuck the bottles away in dark cabinets in the bathroom or inside drawers in your bedroom.