Bonding Games for Sororities

Bonding with your sorority sisters creates friends for life.

The advantages to joining a sorority are numerous. When first hearing about Greek life on a college campus, many think first of parties. However, sorority life offers much more than such get-togethers. It offers an opportunity to make lifelong friends who will likely go through all the ups and downs of life with you. Sororities also provide an excellent way to form networking opportunities that can help you find jobs or form organizations that interest you later down the road. Therefore, bonding with sorority sisters is paramount to keeping the tradition alive. When looking for games to help foster this close atmosphere, several options are available.

1 Guess the Celebrity

Write the names of pop culture celebrities on index cards and pin them to each sister’s back as they arrive for the activity. The object of this game is to have each sister guess what celebrity they are for the evening by asking each other questions. Add more fun to this party by having the girls dress up as their favorite star. Just about any girl loves a good excuse to get dressed up so more girls will likely attend.

2 How Much Do You Use?

Sharing and overcoming fears together is a surefire way to bond people together. This game combines the serious with the seriously fun. When the girls arrive for their party, have them tear off their typical amount of toilet paper without revealing why they are doing so. While the girls are laughing about the differences in their usage, have them sit down in a circle and explain they must reveal a different fear for each square of paper. The sisters will make connections over common fears and likely comfort each other in their trepidations as well.

3 Fitting Together

Take a large piece of poster board and cut it into enough puzzle pieces that each girl will have her own. Supply them with craft supplies and encourage them to decorate their puzzle pieces representing all the different personality traits they will individually bring to the group. After everyone finishes, assemble the puzzle on a wall and talk about how each person brings her unique, and equally important, contribution to the house.

4 Penny’s Worth

Gather enough pennies that each girl receives one penny for each girl attending the activity. With the rest of the girls standing in a circle, have each individual sister go around the circle and give each girl a penny while revealing a positive opinion about her. During this bonding game, new friendships form out of the shared warm thoughts about each other.

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