How to Invite a Guy Over to Hang Out

Bond over mutual interests during your hang-out time.
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It can be a bit nerve-wracking to invite a guy to hang out, especially if you really like him. Considering him as just another friend might make it easier and less intimidating. Giving him at least an idea of what you guys might do together could persuade him to come over. Keep in mind that a casual hang out at your house could lead to a deeper friendship or a budding relationship.

Ask your parents first. If you live at home with your parents or other adult whose care you are under, you need to ask permission. Do not assume that your "cool" mom will be OK with you having a guy over. Your parents might want to talk to his parents first to make sure that they're OK with it as well. Talk to your parents about any concerns they may have. Asking permission also strengthens the trust your parents have in you. If you live with a roommate in a dorm, you should let your roommate know that you may have some company. You might want to work out an agreement with your roommate so that you can each have some privacy in the room when you want it.

Call or ask the guy in person. Asking someone over to hang out at your house is much more personal if you ask him in person -- when that's possible and practical. If it isn't, call him rather than send a text to invite him over. If you have a crush on him, a phone call could stand out among the many text messages he gets from friends throughout the day.

Let the guy know what you have in mind for the two of you to do while you're hanging out, whether it's playing video games or watching a funny or scary movie. If you have a crush on this guy, let him know that you really want to spend time with him. Try to come up with something that you know he'll enjoy. For example, if you have the DVD set of an old TV show that you both loved when you were younger, you could invite him over to watch a few episodes. If he brags about his chess playing skills, challenge him to a game at your house if you're a decent chess player yourself. Anything that's lighthearted and fun is a good option.

Respect the rules of the house if you live with your parents, or the arrangement you made with your roommate if you're living in a dorm room. Your parents will likely have ground rules when it comes to entertaining friends of the opposite gender. No matter how annoying they may be, the best thing you can do to maintain their trust and continue to have the privilege of inviting friends over is to accept and abide by their rules. If they only want you in the common rooms of the house, or if you must keep your bedroom door open at all times, then so be it. If you live in a dorm room and your roommate agrees to make herself scarce for a few hours, limit your hang-out time to those hours.

Consider a group hangout. A group atmosphere can take away the pressure you and the guy might feel in a one-on-one hang out at your house. With a group of friends, you'll feel more relaxed and able to be yourself while also getting to know the guy better. It also avoids you winding up in an intimate situation with which you might not be comfortable.

  • Make a point to introduce the guy to your parents when he comes over, which will earn you points with your folks.

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