Ideas for How to Decorate a Computer Lab

Students in computer lab.
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A computer lab doesn't have to be a plain, boring room. A few small touches can add a lot of personality to your room. Students will look forward to working in an interesting and nicely decorated environment. You can also decorate your computer lab fairly inexpensively by using items like old CDs and signs with funny computer sayings.

1 CD Wreath

A shiny CD wreath can help create a focal point on a blank wall. Gather 20 CDs, either gold, silver or a combination of the two, alternating colors around the wreath. You'll also need a hot glue gun and 20 inches of 1-inch wide metallic curling ribbon. Place a piece of cardboard on your work surface to protect it from glue. Lay the CDs with the face up -- shiny side down -- in a circle. Using the glue gun, glue each CD onto the other. Allow to dry completely and flip over. The shiny side of the CDs is the front of your wreath. Loop the ribbon in and out of the holes of the CDs to add some color.

2 Brightly Colored Rug

Place a colorful rug with a computer theme in front of your own desk. Although you could use any rug, one that ties into the overall computer theme will be more memorable. With a little searching, you can find companies that sell computer-themed rugs with icons like the "at" symbol and words such as ".com" and "ISP server." You may also find a rainbow colored computer keyboard rug. Or you could buy some fabric paint and decorate a plain rug with computer symbols.

3 Paper Signs in Frames

If you are decorating your computer lab on a budget, print computer related words on 22 lb. computer paper in 8 1/2 x 11 size. Set up your margins to be 1-inch all around since you're going to trim the size down a bit to fit a standard picture frame. Some words to use include: ISP, http://, RAM, software, CDs, website, .doc and hard drive. You might also want to print some shorthand online words students may use, such as bff (best friend forever), jk (just kidding) and lol (laugh out loud). Purchase 8 X 10 picture frames from a local thrift or dollar store to frame your words. If you'd like to change the color of the inexpensive frames, remove the glass and spray each frame with spray paint.

4 Bulletin Board

A bulletin board in the classroom offers the opportunity to decorate your classroom differently throughout the year. Begin the year by decorating your board with grass along the bottom, a big tree in the corner and small bugs all over the board. You can include flying bugs to fill up the upper part of the board. Use the words "Look out for computer bugs." Once students have a chance to visit your class, change the board to a solid black piece of bulletin board paper. Border it with a colorful related outline, such as a blue background with little computers. Have students submit to their teacher their favorite websites. Using metallic permanent markers, the teacher can write the names of the websites on the bulletin board (avoiding any that may be inappropriate).

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