How to Write a Thank You Letter to a Dentist

A letter of thanks allows you to show appreciation for your dentist's care.
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After surgery or extensive dental work, a thank-you letter is a simple way to recognize a dentist who provided exceptional care or whose demeanor made you feel at ease. However, the process of writing your message appropriately involves some knowledge of etiquette and an ability to articulate your feelings effectively. Write a letter on nice stationery or find a store-bought card with a message that suits your situation.

1 Use Proper Title Etiquette

The greeting of your letter should read "Dear Dr." and the dentist's surname. Using this form conveys proper respect for his medical title. Follow this approach whether you're writing an email or a traditional letter to the dentist. In the latter case, take care to also address your envelope properly. On the envelope, write the dentist's given name and surname, followed by a comma and "DDS." Use the next line for the name of the dentist's practice and then the following lines for the mailing address.

2 Express Your Gratitude

After your greeting, begin the body of your letter with a sentence that expresses your gratitude. For example, write a phrase such as "I want you to know how much I'm thankful for your top-notch care." Devote a few sentences to explaining why you're writing to to the dentist. For example, you could write "Although I've traditionally had a phobia of visiting the dentist, your calm demeanor and soothing words always make me feel fully at ease."

3 Share Some Details

Specific memories or details are a valuable way of highlighting your gratitude. Think of moments that support your message, and then share them briefly. For example, you could write "I was nervous about having my first root canal, but after you talked to me for a few minutes about the procedure, I knew there was nothing to fear." Reiterate your thanks with a message such as "You took time out of your day to talk calmly to me, and it melted away my stress. Thank you so much."

4 Conclude With Thanks

Wrap up your letter with an anticipatory statement such as "I look forward to seeing you next year." Because many people don't eagerly enjoy visiting the dentist, you can make a joke such as "I can hardly say I'm looking forward to my next appointment, but I do look forward to interacting with you again." Repeat your thanks with a phrase such as "Again, thank you so much for your care," and then use a concluding word such as "Sincerely." Sign your given name and surname.

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