What to Write in a Thank You Note to a Church Following a Funeral

Send a simple card with a preprinted note.
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Several people in the church community come together to make the service happen. From the priest or minister who led the ceremony, to the church worker who made sure the place was clean, everyone deserves a bit of your gratitude. You can do this in a simple thank you letter, which you should write within a few weeks of the service.

1 General Info

A church likely performs several funerals throughout the year. Start your letter with some information about why you are writing, including the name of the deceased and the date of the funeral. For example, you might write, "On May 23, you performed a funeral service for my father, David Chang."

2 Heartfelt Thanks

Thank you notes need not be overly complicated. Simply state that you are thankful for the services you received. You might write, "I'd like to thank you for providing such a lovely service to honor his memory," or "I appreciate the way that members of the community stepped up to offer a potluck meal after the service."

3 Specifics

A thank you letter is even more special when it includes details that are specific to the occasion. Think of the people who made the even particularly special, then include these details in the letter. "Father John's homily really brought my father's memory to life," or "Cathy's help in planning the details was much appreciated during our time of great grief."

4 Monetary Offering

Some churches require a monetary donation in order to perform the service and this fee typically applies before it happens. If your church has no such requirements, or if you feel that the people really went above and beyond and you can afford a bit more, it's proper to include a small donation to the church. Along with the check, say, "I hope that you'll accept this small donation as a token of my appreciation."

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