How to Word a Funeral Thank You Note to Co-workers

Knowing your co-workers are thinking of you can help you through a tough time.
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Seeing your co-workers' familiar faces at a funeral for your family member provides comfort, and sending a quick note of thanks in the days after the service shows how much you appreciate the support. Wording a funeral note of thanks doesn't have to be elaborate. It's acceptable to use just a few sentences to convey your thanks to the group.

1 Write at Your Discretion

Address your note to the group of co-workers who attended. Writing to the group is the quickest way to acknowledge their support and isn't as time consuming as writing to each person individually. Because it might be difficult to recall each person who attended the funeral, simply addressing your note to, for example, "The ABC Sales team," is appropriate. The Emily Post Institute reports that writing to those who visit the funeral home isn't mandatory, so writing the note -- and following up with each person individually -- is at your discretion.

2 Keep Your Message Succinct

The message should express thanks for attending the funeral and include a sentence or two about what it meant to you. For example, you could write, "Thank you so much for attending my sister's funeral. It meant a great deal to me that you'd support me in this way." The note doesn't have to be long. Close it with a term such as "Sincerely," and write your name.

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